Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving and shopping

Happy Thanksgiving (early) everyone!!!

What are everyone's plans for Thanksgiving and the weekend?  Are you cooking or going somewhere else?  Are you going out shopping on Thursday evening?

This year we are just going to my parents house on Thursday.  And then we are free the rest of the weekend.  Normally we go to my husband's mom's house about 1.5 hours away and then to his dads house which is only 30 mins away.  But this year hubby is on call so we are staying close by.   I am thinking of making our own Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.  I don't just want one day of turkey!!

What I am really excited for is Black Friday Thursday!  I have my list made up and ready to go!  I just need to find the black Friday store layouts now.  I am going to try my hand out at scoring some electronics for the first time.  I also plan on taking Blake with me.  He is going to be the cart guard, make sure no one touches my stuff!  And if we get separated we have a plan of action for that, meet in the paint department.  That will be the only place with no sales going on.  At least I think.

My 1st stop on Thanksgiving is Kmart at 6am.  They have a 32" Proscan LCD HDTV on sale for  $97, normally $250.  Our TV in our bedroom went out.

Then it is off to Walmart where their 1st sales start at 8.

I want to get the Nabi 2 Tablet for Jeremiah.  It is on sale for $129, normally $199.

Walmart also has a Toshiba Orion 24" LED HDTV for $78, normally $250.   This sale starts at 10pm.

I would also like to try to score the Sylvania 7" Dual-Screen Portable DVD Player w/ bonus bag for $49, normally $99.  But I might have a hard time with that seeing as they go on sale at 10pm as well.

And then my last stop will be Target for the Room Essentials Bath Towels for $2, normally $4.99.  You can never have too many towels!

So that is what is on my list so far.  I am sure I will grab a few other things here and there as well.

Do you have any big items on your Black Friday lists?  If so what are they?

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