About me

My name is Melissa and I have been a stay at home mom to three boys for 4 years.  Along with raising kids I have decided to take up blogging.

4 Boys and a Girl is a blog about my life adventures with 3 crazy boys and a husband.  I would also like to start doing reviews and giveaways.

I met my husband, Chris, 9 years ago.  We tied the knot October 10th 2009. We live in a nice little town about 30 minutes east of St. Louis.

Chris is an operations manager at a cleaning and restoration company where he has worked for the last 15 years. 

When Chris isn't working we enjoying watching the Cardinals win, doing all the cool things St. Louis has to offer, traveling and much more!

When Chris and I first met I had a 3 year old son from a previous relationship, Blake.

Blake was born New Years Eve 1999. He was born with a virus called cCMV.  He was 5lbs 2 oz and spent 11 days in the NICU at Cardinal Glennon.

We got very lucky with his outcome.  The only side effect was he is deaf in his left ear and partial lose in his right ear.  He also has ADHD.  But despite all of that he is right on track with all his other 7th grade peers.  Blake's main focus these days is anything XBOX related.

Within the next year Chris will be adopting Blake as his own. 

Jeremiah is our crazy 4 year old!

He just started PreK this year and is loving, and so am I might I add.

His favorite things to do are terrorize his older brother and teach his younger brother how to do that as well.    He also loves to watch Sponge Bob and the Fairly Odd Parent.  And play with all of his  "ucky boom booms" as he calls bull dozers, dump trucks, ect. 

And our littlest guy, 2 year old Carter.

Carter is into everything and anything!  He is our little monkey.  If you think something is climbing proofed he will prove you wrong.

He loves to mimic anything his big brother Jeremiah does.   Everything that is except talk.  He is currently receiving speech therapy an hour a week.  We have seen a little improvement since he started in April.  Which is great!

Carter is my little love baby and will give me kisses all day long!               

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